About TheHILLS

TheHILLS is an organisation that works in and around Chin State, focused on research and education. It has strong local roots and international wings.

Our background and mission

TheHILLS was founded in 2017 to improve access to higher education for young people in Chin State, support emerging high quality academic research on the region, and provide evidence based advisory services to policy makers. TheHILLS currently runs three projects: the Scholarship Fund, the Chin State Academic Research Network, and Advisory Services, where we provide both technical and strategic consulting services.

Our objectives


  • To support students of Chin State to access higher education 

  • To support local scholars to access international academic opportunities. 

  • To foster development of an academic, research, and policy-making community that is engaged in rigorous and evidence based discussions on Chin State.

  • To make high-quality research and advisory support available to organizations interested in expanding their programming to Chin State.

  • To increase understanding of gaps and challenges in the context of Chin State education and research, and to support thinking on solutions and alternatives​